Snowtrapper Snowguards on Slate Roof


SnowTrapper Snow Guards were created in 1995 for a private residence in Cleveland, Ohio. Searching for a historically appropriate style it was quickly discovered that existing snow guard solutions either lacked the compressive/rotational strength to withstand the forces of nature, were a potential danger during roof repair, and/or were aesthetically unappealing. After developing a cost effective, indestructible, visually pleasing snow guard was born and eventually commercialized.

Over the years, the popularity of these snow guards developed as roofers quickly discover the benefits of a superior strength snow guard. Our patented design significantly improves rigidity and compressive strength which allows accumulated snow pack or compressive forces, such as a person's weight, to be exerted in either down-roof or vertical directions. Our patented design ensures ice or other buildup does not damage the snowguard in harsh conditions – this means you can feel confident you are delivering a superior product that will outlast the life of the roof.

These patented snow guards have been commercially installed on the roofs of private residences, university complexes, shopping malls, as well as government & commercial buildings throughout the country.